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Tips to Keep Your Face Away from Puffy Looks

If your face is looking a bit bulky and fuller than normal after a festive season, these simple and easy tips will wipe out your bloating away.
Holiday and festive season has got you involved in late nights and multiple servings of fatty and delectable foods and you are missing your workout or regular walk as well, chances are that your face might turn puffy. No doubt, it is totally a normal thing to happen. Most of us may gain or lose more weight when we talk about certain areas of the body due to the genetic tendency.

BetterRead has gathered few simple lifestyle and diet routine changes that will help you to de-bloat with your puffy face. Here are the tips:

More Usage of Water

Most of the changes in your face is due to water retention. The culprits for fluid retention on the face are sodium and excessive carbs intake. So, instead of reaching to the junk food, swap it with quality H2O. Drinking more water will help you to wipe out excessive sodium in your body that is stucked due to salty and spicy meals that you have taken for couple of days. You can squeeze a lemon to make a lime drink or simply drink coconut water.

Get a Sound Sleep

Lack of sleep creates havoc to our immune system and it is also a cause to inflamed or puffier than normal face. The natural hormones in our body are directly having an impact by poor or improper sleep. We have a certain type of chemicals in our bodies that keep the inflammation from not happening, but, if you are not getting a proper sleep, those chemicals won’t get produced in a natural way as they tend to be, creating inflammation in your whole body. Seven to eight hours of proper sleep at night is recommended.

Avoid carbs, sodium and processed foods

Excess of carbs and salty junk foods will eventually cause your body to hold on extra fluid, that certainly makes you feel bloated. For instance, eating chips more than usual and salsa with pizza or a junk fat burger. On the other hand, when you avoid eating processed foods, that is the biggest source of sodium and carbs, the water retention tends to subside and your face will get slimmer in a normal shape.

Stay active

Various experts agree that physical workout is the ultimate source of weight loss, which will also appear on to your face. So, if you are having a perfect and proper workout, the face is the first place that shows your struggle. More walks and gym routine are going to battle against your puffy face for sure.

Eat more zucchini, ginger, and coconut

Gluten filled foods, fried items, and processed foods are the major cause of inflammation in our body. For battling inflammation, you need to use ginger, coconut, turmeric, and lemons to your meals. You can add these ingredients in the form of juices or simply sprinkle or cook some beets with zucchini to have a proper salad. Sipping on the mentioned above items as beverages will help you to get rid of bloating and puffiness and will give you a celebrity look.

Hope you find these tips informative to wipe out puffiness off your face.Also Read: These Symptoms Show that Your Kidneys Aren’t Properly Working

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