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Sweeten Your Valentines Further with These Special Valentine’s Day Desserts from Sooperchef

Although controversial, Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated days in the entire world. Lovers and couples present each other with gifts of love like flowers and chocolates. But there is another item that can represent true love: food. The largest online food network of Pakistan is listing some of the desserts by sooperchef that can be added to the list of gifts that can be presented to your loved one on valentines’ day.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

When sugar, vanilla flavoring, flour and some semi-sweet chocolate pieces and a little love is added together, it becomes something lovely, a delectable and cute chocolate chip cookie to be exact. Chocolate chip cookies can be given to your loved one along with some flowers and if they are made by yourself, they will have that extra element of love and affection in them.

Chocolate Covered Stuffed Dates

Among foods, chocolate is the language of love. And when something delicious and healthy such as dates are mixed with it, the results are beautiful. Chocolate covered stuffed dates are easy to prepare and take minimum effort, and can be presented as a snack or a chocolaty dessert after a candlelight dinner too. Find the complete recipe here.

Nutella Brownie

If you are aware of the fact that your loved one has a sweet tooth for hazelnut and Nutella, then the Nutella brownie recipe by sooperchef is the thing you need to make to put a smile on his/her face and make it radiate with joy. This fudgy and drool-worthy brownie recipe can be made within thirty minutes and with some of the very easily available ingredients like Nutella, chocolate, some baking soda, and some topping cream for garnishing. And when it is topped with a cherry or even an ice-cream scoop of your choice, it is sure to leave an impression and pave way for the words of your heart that you have always wanted to tell them.

Lemon Soufflé

Are you a couple that does not like desserts that a too sweet? Or just crave something that has a little tangy twist in it too? If so then you need to try the lemon soufflé. This delicious dessert is as tasty as it looks and legend has it that its origin is the city of love, Paris itself. This dessert can be dressed and garnished with cherries and red grapes and set the atmosphere for a perfect romantic dinner with your love.

Jubilee Mousse Cake

Let’s end our list with something truly drool-worthy, the palatable and divine jubilee mousse cake. Apart from a great ending to a dinner at Valentine’s Day, it could also be great serving at wedding anniversaries and other such beautiful evenings. The divine sensation of chocolate is sure to warm the evening up with a fizzy radiance and take the pleasantness of the environment to a whole new level.

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