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Mom Has The Best Response To Gay Teen Asking If He Can Attend Her Daughter’s Sleepover.

Mason Brian Barclay happens to be a teen homosexual male who has described himself as “very homosexual male”, wanted to attend a house sleepover party at his best friend’s house but the main issue is that he is a boy and his best friend is a girl. This is because boys cannot attend sleepovers with girls since it is against the norms.

Thus the teen behaved rather maturely and created a long text message for his best friend, Houston’s mom in order to ask her for the permission to attend her house for sleepovers.
Mason said in his text that,
“I think the common meaning behind only allowing the same sex to share sleepovers is due to the typical interest in the opposite sex, when, in this case, I do not like the opposite sex”
Mrs. Shelton, Houston’s mom replied in such a fantastic way that Mason shared it on social media which went viral.

This was her response, “Hmm. Well my husband is hot. Should I worry?”

Twitter along with Mason found the text hilarious.

Now all of the twitter loves Houston’s mom.

However, Houston has something else to say.
i’m over her
While other people want to know whether the sleepover is still on or just off?

I guess it is on.

Other people, however would like to know if Houston’s dad is hot or not?
i’m over her

This aspect cannot be confirmed yet however you should stay tuned for more info.
And it looks like Mrs. Shelton loves the attention.
can @maymaybarclay delete the tweet now it’s getting to Brandi’s head
She has however earned the fame for not only sending a hilarious text but for also agreeing for the sleepover.

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