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Just Jump in the Water During Your Newquay Holidays

Spending your Newquay holidays in Cornwall will assure you of being able to see and enjoy the different tourist locations and festive activities. You can choose to spend the day with the family at one of the wonderful water parks or be at one with the great outdoors by visiting the various world class beaches the possibilities are endless. There are different attractions that draw tourists to Cornwall, and the Cornwall holiday cottages are one of the factors which add more flavour to the already superb experience.

There are numerous activities to involve your family in Cornwall and in the coastal town or Newquay, you can choose to visit the historical castles and museums, hop in and out of the pubs and restaurants and spend wonderful Newquay holidays at the abundant beaches and coves of the area. These seashore paradises are very well known around the world and booking your stay at one of the Cornwall holiday cottages gives you great access to all these wonderful sites and attractions.

Diving and Snorkelling

The waters of Newquay are not only crystal clear but are also home to different species of sea animals and coral reefs. A diving adventure during your Newquay holidays will prove most exhilarating taking the plunge into the waters of this bountiful ocean habitat. The warm waters of the South Western English region prove to be conducive to swimming, snorkelling and deep sea diving. Many of the Cornwall holiday cottages are located near the water and all you need to do is travel short distances to a nearby equipment rental facility to equip you with the gear to witness the wonderful attractions of the deep. Snorkelling is an activity that the family can engage in together.

Fish feeding during your Newquay holidays will surely become eye opening experiences for the children as they get to interact with the different kinds of vibrant coloured fish as they congregate around you during the feeding. Diving on the other hand is a more complicated activity that the more mature members of the family can engage in. Deep sea diving requires a license but you can take a test dive with a certified dive master in the more shallow dive areas and discover an entirely new world. Underwater you will see different types of fish, eels, lobsters, corals and anemones which are abundant in these warm waters. While planning your deep sea dive experience it would be suggested that you bring an underwater camera and take photos of your underwater adventure which you can show the people back home how beautiful the waters and marine life Newquay has. Spending the day snorkelling and diving can be quite tiring and the Cornwall holiday cottages serve as comfortable beach retreats where you can have an undisturbed slumber and recharge for next day’s activities.

Beachfront Activities

The Lusty Glaze Beach, Great Western Beach and Town Beach are just a few spots to spend an afternoon or two during your Newquay holidays. Family members can choose from sailing, canoeing, paddle surfing or a set or more of beach volleyball at these places. Cornwall holiday cottages are ideal for families not just because they are spacious and have cooking facilities but also for their close proximity to many of the pristine beaches of the town. Whether you want to spend an active day in water or just lay down on the beach Newquay is the beach town for you.

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