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Human Touch Robotic Massage Chairs – Relax and Enjoy After a Long Day

The Human Touch Robotic Massage Chair is one of the best products on the market to help you relax after a long day. Human Touch’s products can’t be compared to other manufacturers. These massage chairs are superior due to their construction, technology and reliability. Human Touch offers are variety of chairs from their signature to elite series. Below is a more in depth description of their chairs.

The Elite Series The 1650 AcuTouch Massage Chair ($4,299) is one of the best units you can buy. This unit won an award in 2009 for design and performance. It is luxurious, with leather and hardwood features. This chair features a heating massage element. In addition, the chair has voice response capability to help massage your body. Leg and calf massages are included as well.

The 7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair ($3,299) is recommended by many chiropractors to help people relax. It has 8 pre-programmed massage programs. These programs can be customized to your preferences. The Elite Series chairs are truly state of the art. If you want to spend less money to get a great robotic chair massage, you should have a look at the Signature class.

There are 12 models available in this series, I will highlight a few. The Signature Series HT 100 ($1,299) has 3 pre-programmed massage routines that last a quarter of an hour. The unit has a power recliner feature, which helps users relax. The unit comes with a one year warranty, but you can purchase an additional warranty from two to five years.

The HT 125 ($1,799) has additional features that the HT 100 doesn’t offer, like calf and leg massager. Also this unit has a quad roller massage for your lower back. The HT 125 also comes in leather and looks attractive in any room. The robotic chair imitates massage techniques like rolling, kneading, compression, and percussion.

The HT 3300 ($1,699) is another excellent choice. This chair has a patented robotic massage technology that imitates a massage therapist. This chair focuses on massaging your neck, back, and lower back areas. All of the signature series models are well made and attractive. Human Touch is truly the market leader in robotic massage chair technology.

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