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How to Make a Great Surprise For Your Mom on Mother's Day

For the upcoming Mother's Day, I have decided to help all those people out there who have no clue what to do for this special occasion. The thing that you have to know about Mother's Day is that no matter what you do, may it be a handmade card or a full-blown party, as long as you put some effort into it, it will make your mother happy. Although it may not seem like the best thing to do, here is one idea that I believe will make your mother ecstatic for Mother's Day.

1) The first part of the surprise calls for you to make her a breakfast. It can be a breakfast in bed, or at the table. You can make her a simple breakfast, like toast, eggs, bacon, and a hot mug of coffee. To make this breakfast special, write her a personal card. It can be about anything, but make sure it comes from your heart. Also, decorate the tray if it's a breakfast in bed, or the table if she's going to come out to eat it. Try to stick with lighter colors and hues of red, like pink and violet.

2) The next part is to make sure that she gets a full day of rest. If she has something to do, tell her that you'll do it. Whether it be washing the dishes or cleaning the house, put your all into it so that your mother can relax and do what she wants to.

3) For lunch, you can again make her a simple meal at home. Make sure it's a light meal because you do not want her to get full and waste the surprise planned for her at dinner. Do not make something too simple, like a sandwich, but instead prepare maybe a day before or so and make her something that she likes. For my mother, it is a Korean dish called Soojaebi, so I plan to make that for her.

4) Once lunch is done, you can again let her rest or you can take her out driving. Be her chauffeur for the day, and take her anywhere that she wants to, with reasoning of course. Just the fact that you're willing to be her chauffeur will make her delighted.

5) Next is the grand finale, which is dinner. I suggest that you make reservations to a fancy restaurant a couple of weeks in advance so that you do not have to rush everything at the last minute. Although your mother would say that you're wasting money on something frugal at a time when the economy's bad, no doubt she'll feel that way.

6) Prepare a bouquet of flowers for her. You can either send it beforehand to the restaurant and ask that they bring it to her as you order, or you can give it to her beforehand. Bring the entire family along as well. For celebrations like these, it's always the more the merrier.

It may seem a bit expensive, but since this day only comes around once a year, I believe it's better to make a big impact. You can always to something else as long as you make sure it becomes a memorable experience for your mother.

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