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Happiness Quotations to Power Your Holiday Experiences

Holidays are not always happy. Happiness Quotations can help.

The holidays can be demanding, stressful, and can take you out of your zone. Families can be demanding, stressful, and can take you out of your zone.

These Happiness Quotations were created to bring you back to your center of power, and lift your spirits over the holidays. Inspirational quotes can shift you to a brighter way of feeling.

  • Focus on something beautiful inside of each person you see. Let go of some old baggage. Often over the holidays you'll spend time with parents, children, or people you have known a long time. See if you can suspend all of your memories. See if you can see that person in the light of love shining on them. See if you can seek out the most amazing or special quality that person brings. Inside of each person lies a gift. Unwrap that for the holidays.
  • Create a 2011 game plan. Take some time to get inside of what would be an amazing year in 2011. Then write down all of the experiences you'd like to invite into your life for next year. As your focus on your future brightens, you will better navigate the conversations with your family and friends over the holidays. You'll have something to talk about that uplifts, energizes and makes you feel good about your life. Your comments can be along the lines of "I'm looking forward to an amazing 2011."
  • Your worth is not determined by your weight, your bank account, your health, your job, or anything you may have thought your worth was measured by. Happiness comes when you recognize your value is within your spirit, your heart and your gifts to the planet. Families can measure your worth by external means. See that for what it is, and let go of that. Know your own worth.
  • Be at peace. When you walk into an environment at a party, at a family gathering, at a holiday celebration bringing peace to the table. As you stay in your own peace, everyone will love to be around you. Peace is attractive. Stress is repelling.
  • Take moments when you are stuck in a line or in traffic to practice feeling happy. Say to yourself "Oh! I have a quiet moment. I'm stuck in line. I'm going to feel happiness now, for no reason." You would be surprised how much better your life will be over the holidays if you keep stepping back into this feeling.

Happiness quotations can shift you back inside your power. When you are at peace, inside your power, the holidays will not feel stressful anymore. You can give this gift of knowing your power to everyone you meet. And become a source of more happiness on the planet.

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