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Deck the Halls … With Feng Shui Luck

Your holiday decorations can attract added Feng Shui luck if you place them in the best areas of your home or office.

If you're displaying a Yule or Christmas tree, or anything glittery such as metallic garlands, these can enhance your prosperity corner. This is also called the Money corner, and – looking in from the doorway – it's the back left corner of your home or office, and it's also the back left corner in each room.

Do you celebrate Yule with a traditional branch or log? Wood and the color green enhancement the Family / Security area; place the decorated Yule log at the center of the left wall, as you look into your room.

If you display an array of candles, they can energize your Fame area. That's the center of the back wall, looking into your room from the doorway. Red candles are the best here, but any candles are fine.

Do you love poinsetta plants? Place two in your Romance corner, at the back right corner of your room. They can be red, white, or pink, but be sure that they match.

Also charge your Power corner – the area that guests see first when they enter your home or office and glance to the left – by displaying opulent-looking gifts or holiday decorations there. If your guests step into a hallway when they enter, decorate the back left corner of your hall.

If your holiday decorations include bells, they'll energize your Helpful People / Travel area. Place bells – preferably in groups of
five – immediately to the right as someone enters your home, office, or room.

If your holidays are based in religious traditions, the Helpful People area is where you'll also display icons, figures, and other spiritual symbols of the season.

Finally, if you have a few holiday lights to spare, drape them in your knowledge area. That's immediately to your left as you walk in the door of your home or office. Blue lights are the most powerful here, but lights in any color – or in white – are a great holiday addition.

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate. May these decorating ideas bring you extra luck, and even more reasons to celebrate this joyous season with friends and family.

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