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Cell Phone Etiquette’s You Must be Following

You must need to show your gentle and respectable norms and values while adopting such etiquettes while using a cellphone as it is considered annoying and rude while you use your cellphone in such conditions.BetterRead has gathered a list of cellphone etiquettes that you need to follow to show the positive aspect of your life to the rest of the world.Let us have a look at them:

Don’t use it at the Dinner Table

It may seem certain as picking up the calls or texting while having a dinner in public with your partner and other diners is much more important than the call. It depicts your behavior to the people you are having dinner with. So, if the phone rings and you really need to answer it, you must explain to your dinner companions about how important the call was for you, either it is from family or an official call that you really need to answer. But, ignoring the calls will leave a good impact on the people as it shows that you really worth them in your life.

Hang up the Call when you need to Pay the bills

Just because you are not familiar with the cashier in front of you doesn’t mean that you keep on chatting during the call as they are helping you with the purchase and the bill. So, unless it is really urgent, it is considered being rude to stay on the phone right in their face. Moreover, you won’t be able to pay them in an appropriate manner. It is considered one of the annoying habits.

Shouting on the Call

Shouting while taking the call with the words such as ‘Can you hear me’? Well, if the other person on the call isn’t able to hear your voice properly, you may call them later on. While in public, never try to raise your voice or yell on the phone. Other people in your surrounding will start feeling weird about your personality as you keep on shouting over the call. Stop making this mistake.

Never Talk or Text while Driving

It is an obvious reason and many countries have strict laws placed for talking over the call or texting on the phone while driving. It is a big no-no. Because, you can easily get distracted, leading to a serious accident. If you are addicted to a cell phone, you must not be driving or if you are driving while on the call, you are not risking the life of your own but other people on the road as well. Avoid doing such act while driving.

Avoid texting in meetings

Do you want your seniors and especially the boss staring up at you as you text during the meeting and completely ignoring what others are up to? And, if you are the boss, it is also going to set a bad example for your employees. This isn’t a good business etiquette to be followed. Simply avoid doing such a childish behave.

Turn off the phone in Mosques

A mosque is a place where you pray in front of Almighty Allah with other Muslims and the prayer is led by the Imam. There is no exception to turn on the phones. It would be definitely disturbing that your phone rings all the time while you are praying, distracting you and others while praying. It is rude. So, turn off your mobile phone while entering the mosque.

Speak politely in Public

This one is the next level of never to shout in a public place over the call. Not only you must avoid shouting, but you must also speak politely while lowering your voice over the call. If you are not interested to listen to the other people conversation, they surely aren’t interested to hear yours as well.

Hope so, you are going to follow these etiquettes and show a positive image to the rest of the world.Also Read: Natural Sleeping Aids That Actually Work Wonders

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