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Boxing Gloves – Tips to Wash Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves is one of the important instruments when doing work out. People especially men, tend to use this kind of gloves when they do work out, specifically when they are practicing boxing sport. It is a must have tool for boxing men.

As you know, boxing gloves are different with any other gloves. It is cut, assembled, stitched, stuffed, and finished by hand. The out side of a boxing glove called the “skin” is commonly made of top grain tanned leather from cowhide or goatskin. While the inside of the gloves called “padding” is normally made of high density polyurethane, cotton, nylon taffeta, and (PVC) foam.

So, because it is different, it also has special ways to keep it clean, dry, and strong. Here are the right and easy ways to clean boxing gloves.

1. Gloves always sweaty when you finish using it. So, the first thing is to make sure you leave your gloves open after finishing work out. Let them open so they can catch the fresh air inside. This will make them dry out. Or you can put the fan to hit it so it gets right up in the odor and it will go away. I f you don’t do it; they can get ruined easier and faster.

2. Febreze. This is for killing odor and bacteria inside the gloves. Just spray into it and also use it to clean the outside.

3. Ring Side. This is another tool to clean boxing gloves. Just put it in and leave it so it can get cleaned out but this is a good cheap way by just buying Febreze and spraying on it.

That’s it. Easy and fast. Above all, the most important thing is just to let them open and make them dry as best as you can, so that all of the damaging bacteria and sweat can be eliminated.

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