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Beware of Fake Designer Handbags

Want a solid argument in favor of budget fashion bags that try to establish their own identities instead of illegally imitating the exact looks and designs of existing designer handbags? Furthermore, want to learn the extreme pleasure of finding a handbag wholesaler who can offer you bags of fantastic quality at prices that will pleasantly surprise you? Read on, bagaholic, and discover the mighty joys that await!

They say that a woman only has one universal passion: branded handbags. Louis Vuitton, Prada, YSL, Hermes, Burberry … these are just some of the brands that any girl will go gaga for. There is something about bags that pushes a switch in the collective psyche of females, a switch that triggers their basest instincts and their most covetous tendencies.

But branded handbags are expensive.

Way too expensive for a great majority of the population, even.

Here, most women resort to fake designer handbags – imitations, if you will. Majority of these imitations are manufactured in China, where labor is cheap and where enforcement of copyright laws is essentially non-existent.

Aside from the legal aspect of owning counterfeit bags (which can be a crime, depending on your country's / state's jurisprudence), there are some issues with this alternative. First, the quality takes a different hit. Imitations have very, very poor qualities that "pirates" have created a multi-tiered classification system to separate the really, really bad counterfeits from the merely bad counterfeits. Second, the top-tiered imitations, labeled as AAA in many circles, do not come cheap. In fact, some of them cost 1 / 100th the price of the originals. The disparity may seem humongous, but given the authenticity of the original and the audacity of the fake one, that disparity in price is not really that grave.

Fake designer handbags are simply impractical.

After all, why wear a bag that pretends to be something it is not? And what would say say about you?

Let me offer an alternative: budget fashion bags.

There are countless handbags out there that are of outstanding design and quality, yet you can get them for the price of a song. The reason? It's because they do not have the names of famous designers attached to them. They are original bags with original looks and original identities. These budget fashion bags do not try to be something else. They do not try to imitate highly expensive brands just to look expensive. They have their own beauty. They have their own charms. They have their own functionalities.

And some of these budget fashion bags may actually look classier and more expensive than the designer handbags that we know.

Moreover, because these budget fashion bags are not beholden to the rule of maintaining a high price to establish exclusivity, they can even be purchased for substantially lower prices – yes, lower than the budget of a price they are selling for – via handbag wholesalers who can sell them at retail for wholesale prices.

Source by David H Hobson

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