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A Get Out-Inspired Fool-the-Eye Menu

In Jordan Peele’s horror-comedy Get Out, starring Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams, nothing is quite as it seems (we’ll say no more to avoid spoilers). So too is the case with this menu of trompe l’oeil small bites. What looks like just a cocktail is actually a shrimp cocktail–a tasty hors d’oeuvre of pickled shrimp and tomatoes doused in gin and vermouth. The pasta salad is a salad all, right, but no pasta in sight, just zucchini noodles. And hit your guests’ sweet tooth with two desserts masquerading as savory dishes–stromboli and chips with dip.


Menu Timeline

1 Day Ahead

  • Make the pickled shrimp and tomatoes.
  • Make the dough for the stromboli.

2 Hours Ahead

  • Make the phyllo chips and strawberry dip.
  • Assemble the stromboli but don’t bake.

30 Minutes Ahead

  • Make the zoodle salad.
  • Bake the stromboli.
  • Make the shrimp cocktail martinis.

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